RK Guns: In-Depth Review Of RK Guns

RK Guns: In-Depth Review

RK Guns is the official online gun store of Rural King, a prominent farm and home store chain. Known for its extensive inventory and competitive pricing, They offers a wide range of firearms and accessories, catering to various customer needs from hobbyists to serious collectors. This article provides a comprehensive overview of RK Guns, detailing its product offerings, customer service, and unique selling points.


Product Range


RK Guns boasts a diverse selection of handguns, suitable for self-defense, recreational shooting, and hunting. Popular brands like Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Taurus dominate the lineup. For example, the Taurus G3C T.O.R.O. 9mm Compact Pistol is a customer favorite, praised for its affordability and reliability. Prices are competitive, often featuring special deals and discounts, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers​.

Rifles and Shotguns

In addition to handguns, They offers a broad array of rifles and shotguns. Whether you are looking for a bolt-action rifle for hunting, an AR-15 for sport shooting, or a reliable shotgun for home defense, RK Guns has you covered. Notable offerings include products from renowned manufacturers like Remington, Mossberg, and Henry. The variety ensures that both novice shooters and seasoned firearms enthusiasts can find something to suit their needs​.

Ammunition and Accessories

RK Guns also provides a wide range of ammunition and shooting accessories. From basic calibers like .22 LR and 9mm to more specialized rounds like .300 AAC Blackout, their inventory covers a broad spectrum. Additionally, customers can find magazines, optics, gun cases, cleaning supplies, and other essential gear to enhance their shooting experience​​.


Customer Service and Shopping Experience

Online Shopping Convenience

One of their standout features is its seamless online shopping experience. Customers can browse the extensive catalog, make purchases, and have firearms shipped directly to their local Rural King store, where they can pick them up with no FFL transfer fee. This process not only saves money but also simplifies the acquisition of firearms​​.

In-Store Experience

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, RK Guns’ physical locations offer the opportunity to examine firearms and accessories before purchase. Knowledgeable staff are available to provide guidance and answer any questions, ensuring that customers make informed decisions. The stores also frequently feature special sales and promotions, providing additional value to shoppers​​.

Customer Support

RK Guns prides itself on excellent customer service. The website features a comprehensive FAQ section, detailed product descriptions, and helpful guides on how to buy a gun online. Moreover, their customer support team is readily accessible via phone or email to assist with any inquiries or issues​.


Unique Selling Points Of RK Guns

Competitive Pricing and Promotions

RK Guns is known for its competitive pricing, regularly offering discounts and special promotions. Their “Flat Rate Shipping” policy is particularly popular, allowing customers to purchase multiple firearms with a single shipping fee of $12.99. Additionally, frequent clearance sales and weekly specials ensure that there are always deals to be found​.

Wide Selection

The extensive selection of firearms and accessories is another major draw. RK Guns carries over 4,000 products, ranging from basic handguns to high-end rifles and shotguns. This variety ensures that customers with different needs and budgets can find the right products for them​​.

Trust and Reliability

As the official gun store of Rural King, it benefits from the trust and reliability associated with the Rural King brand. This association provides customers with peace of mind, knowing they are dealing with a reputable company that stands behind its products and services​.

RK Guns has established itself as a leading online gun store, offering a vast selection of firearms and accessories at competitive prices. Their customer-centric approach, combined with the convenience of online shopping and the reliability of Rural King, makes them a go-to destination for gun enthusiasts. Whether you are a novice shooter or a seasoned collector, RK Guns has something to offer, backed by excellent customer service and a commitment to quality.

For more information and to explore their offerings, visit RK Guns.

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