Tia Hernlen Now: A Journey of Resilience and Advocacy

Tia Hernlen’s life  was dramatically altered in 2005 when her parents, Julie and Aeneas Hernlen, were tragically murdered in their Florida home. Tia, only 5 years old at the time, made a brave 911 call that ultimately brought this heartbreaking incident to the nation’s attention. Today, Tia has grown into a resilient young woman, channeling her experiences into advocacy and support for others affected by violence. This article delves into Tia Hernlen Now journey from tragedy to empowerment, highlighting her current endeavors and future aspirations.


Early Life and Tragic Incident Of Tia Hernlen Now

The Night of the Incident

On March 28, 2005, Tia Hernlen’s life was forever changed. Her parents were fatally shot by a man named David Edward Johnson, who then took his own life. Tia, in a remarkable display of composure, called 911 to report the incident. Her calm and articulate manner during the call left a profound impact on listeners across the country.

Aftermath and Immediate Impact

Following the incident, Tia was taken in by her maternal grandparents. The trauma of losing her parents in such a violent manner was immense, yet Tia showed remarkable resilience from a young age. Her grandparents provided her with a stable and loving environment, helping her navigate the complexities of her new reality.


Growing Up in the Public Eye

Media Attention

The 911 call and the circumstances surrounding her parents’ death attracted significant media attention. While this spotlight brought about increased public sympathy and support, it also posed challenges for Tia. Balancing the need for privacy with the public’s interest in her story was a delicate act.

Education and Personal Growth

Despite the trauma she endured, Tia Hernlen Now excelled academically. Her determination to succeed and make a difference was evident from a young age. Her education became a source of solace and empowerment, providing her with the tools to advocate for others.


Advocacy and Public Speaking

Turning Tragedy into Advocacy

As Tia grew older, she began to channel her experiences into advocacy work. Understanding the impact of violence firsthand, she became involved in various initiatives aimed at supporting victims of crime and raising awareness about domestic violence and gun control.

Public Speaking Engagements

Tia’s journey has included numerous public speaking engagements where she shares her story to inspire and educate others. Her speeches often focus on the importance of resilience, the need for support systems for victims, and the urgent need for legislative changes to prevent similar tragedies.


Current Endeavors Of  Tia Hernlen Now

Pursuing Higher Education

Currently, Tia is pursuing higher education, focusing on criminal justice and psychology. Her academic pursuits are closely aligned with her advocacy work, as she aims to understand the psychological impacts of trauma and contribute to systemic changes within the criminal justice system.

Involvement with Non-Profit Organizations

Tia is actively involved with several non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting victims of violence. Her role often includes counseling, organizing fundraising events, and leading awareness campaigns. Her personal story adds a powerful and authentic voice to these efforts, making a significant impact.

Mentorship and Support

Recognizing the importance of mentorship in her own journey, Tia has taken on mentorship roles for young people who have experienced similar traumas. She provides guidance, support, and a listening ear, helping them navigate their own paths to healing.


Future Aspirations

Expanding Advocacy Work

Tia plans to expand her advocacy work on a larger scale. She aims to collaborate with lawmakers to push for more stringent gun control laws and better support systems for victims of domestic violence. Her goal is to create a safer environment and prevent future tragedies.

Writing a Memoir

Tia is also working on writing a memoir detailing her life experiences, the impact of her parents’ death, and her journey towards advocacy. This book aims to provide hope and guidance to those facing similar challenges and to raise awareness about the broader issues of violence and trauma.

Building a Foundation

In the long term, Tia aspires to establish a foundation dedicated to providing comprehensive support to victims of crime and violence. This foundation would offer counseling services, educational scholarships, and advocacy training to empower victims and survivors.



Tia Hernlen’s story is one of profound loss, resilience, and transformation. From the tragic events of her early childhood, she has emerged as a powerful advocate for change. Her dedication to supporting others and preventing violence is a testament to her strength and compassion. As she continues her journey, Tia’s impact on society promises to be significant, offering hope and support to countless individuals affected by similar tragedies.

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